Jeter Learning Center was created to solve the problem of educating our children during a pandemic and beyond. Children must be given a safe and structured environment in which to learn successfully. Meeting each students’ individual needs is a priority at JLC. We offer wi-fi equipped rooms where students can socialize at a distance yet be in contact with their peers. In the classroom, students are given individualized attention with a focus on helping the student become confident in themselves so they are able to learn. It is our intention to relieve the stress placed on parents and grandparents through this time of educational uncertainty. We believe we can have a positive impact on each student we serve.

JLC’s Goals:

  • Evaluate each student and meet their needs.
  • Keep curriculum current.
  • Keep parents informed and involved with their child’s progress.
  • Prepare each student for their future.

With help from parents and the community, JLC knows that they can accomplish great things and inspire many students.